the importance of quiet


today we gave ourselves a gift! we channelled our inner children and made a fort using our dining room chairs and a fitted sheet. tucked inside our quiet little place we settled in to enjoy a good book and a nap.  what fun it is to learn from children!

the quiet time in the fort inspired us to create a permanent quiet retreat in our home. a clear vision and few clearance purchases later we have ourselves a sitting space. ahhh.  peace and quiet – what a simple joy!


2 thoughts on “the importance of quiet

  1. LOVE it! I have thought of doing this many times over the course of our last few rainy weeks!

    Where did you find the photo of the playhouse? I’d love to find out where to get the construction pieces…

  2. why thanks! there is nothing better than a good fort!

    i loved the photo of the play house too. they are made by crazy fort. here’s the link:

    you’ll have to let me know if they are as cool in person as they are in the photos if you end up getting one!

    thanks for adding your thought!

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