bee’s house


this week we have been exploring the theme of place at biehus. biehus means bee’s house in norwegian. i love the image associated with the work of bees – deliberate & yet playful. it is impossible not to smile at the teamwork displayed by the bumbly, brightly-colored little flyers. the question that faces educators & parents is: how do we create such a place for our children?

many individuals have answered this question in many different ways. no doubt there is no one right answer but, i truly love the beauty & purpose of a thoughtfully-designed montessori classroom. children, both of typical development & on the autism spectrum, continually remind us the importance of creating a “prepared environment” for them.

when a space for children is properly conceived it will set the occasion for learning. in such an environment, the role of the educator can flow between teacher & guide. for a child this translates to increased experiences with independence. the purpose of biehus is to create a place for children where adults learn to wear both hats gracefully.


4 thoughts on “bee’s house

  1. why thank you! so happy you like and so surprised you found your way here already! please let me know if you have any ideas, questions or suggestions as biehus is still brand new!

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