dynamic blueprints


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wikipedia observes that “one definition of place, proposed by tuan, is that a place comes into existence when humans give meaning to a part of the larger, undifferentiated space.”

henry david thoreau wrote, ” if you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. now put the foundations under them.”

the advent of the internet has expanded the scope of place beyond the confines of latitude & longitude. tuan’s description of place validates biehus’s virtual existence. and thoreau reminds of the importance of bringing life to ideas. though we are far from ready to pour the concrete, it seems fair to say that biehus is in its dynamic “blueprint” phase. to that end, your questions and suggestions are very welcome and much appreciated.

this also sets the occasion for some reflection on the art of education. children beg to participate in design of their own learning opportunities. they have much to teach us about how to teach them. it can be easy to forget this when we are working with children and especially those with special needs – but special education has arguably the most to benefit from revisiting its dynamic blueprint phase.

“thank you” to wikipedia for helping inspire an unlikely pairing and to yi-fu tuan & henry david thoreau for validating the creation of this new place.

3 thoughts on “dynamic blueprints

  1. What a great start to your adventure~creating a template to design a place for families to learn, relax, have fun and connect in an ambiance that creates safety and care. Surrounding the children and parents with the tools they will need to support themselves and their families!

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