from house and home

one characteristic of children on the autism spectrum is some form of stereotyped “play.” a child may line up all of his pretend food rather than use it for a tea party. or he may line up all of his toy cars along the walls of his home rather than race his friends with them.

what is interesting though is that people who are typically developing also display behavior of this sort – though not to the exclusion of more “expected” types of playing. why is an organized spice rack pleasing? or clothing arranged by color? or dishes arranged by type? or books arranged by height?

there is something to be said for the aesthetic of order. before traveling or after a stressful day, organizing can be very calming. does organizing serve the same function for individuals with autism spectrum disorders? without question, there is something important tucked inside of these patterns of behavior. exploring these questions will be a part of the dynamic blueprint of bee’s house 🙂

p.s. for those who are interested in exploring this theme more, i just stumbled across a very intriguing book titled, aesthetic order by ruth lorand.


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