if i ran the zoo

this week at biehus we’ll explore the wisdom of dr. seuss in honor of his 105th birthday today. there is no better way to celebrate than by checking out a few books from your local library. read a few of his stories together with children and then read a few more alone. each experience offers a different kind of magic.

it seems appropriate to begin our tribute to dr. seuss with the story, if i ran the zoo especially given that biehus comes from just such a wondering.

“oh if i ran the zoo,” said young gerald mcgrew,

“i’d make a few changes that’s what i’d do.”

while not looking to import an elephant-cat, biehus is exploring how best to make changes that just might have an impact on the way we approach the education of individuals on the autism spectrum and their loved ones.

a mistake that young gerald mcgrew makes is that he tries to do it alone.  the whole purpose of biehus is to provide a forum for collaboration.  what changes would you make if you ran the zoo?


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