I Heart My Library

via burlingame.org

A friend of mine just asked me where she might find large-format children’s books (aka big books) to read with her three young children.  I thought that I would share my recommendations here in case you were wondering the same thing…

Our neighborhood library actually had a wide variety of big books for rent!  Librarians will often even prepare individualized book selections ahead of time for educators & parents to check out upon request.  For example, if I called and said I had a second-grade child who was interested in trees, they would gather 10 age-appropriate books on trees for me.  Talk about service!

On top of that, if there was a book that I found elsewhere that they didn’t have in our library system, I was able to just submit an online request – and assuming it was approved – they would email me when they purchased it!  Given that it can be hard to predict just what books children will love, I found this to be a great way to test a book out before investing in my own classroom copy!

If your library does not offer these services, you may want to check out your public school’s library – even if your children are not yet of school age.  They often have many resources available but you will want to call ahead to check on times & availability.

Happy (free) reading!


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