Kindergarten… Outdoors!

In Norway, they offer barnehage, which translates to kindergarten in English though it is actually for the preschool set, to their littlest ones.  Perhaps one of the most interesting features of some of these programs is that children spend a significant portion of their time outside.  And, let me remind you this takes place in Norway – not some tropical local!  Quite an idea.


2 thoughts on “Kindergarten… Outdoors!

  1. I have read several articles about this in the NAEYC journal. The writers are always horrified and impressed. My fav was one when the children (summer) caught a train to a national forest for the day as preschool- no buildings at all. At one point, the writer looked around and could only see a few children (where were the rest?). One child was fishing, naked 🙂 and several were on the ground, asleep, with a staff person, also asleep!

    How can we regain that trust in adults and children?

    I wonder what the qualifications/salaries for childcare workers are in Norway?

    1. Mary, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and that funny anecdote! I would agree that fundamental differences the education of educators here vs. Norway probably plays a significant role in the differences we see in each country’s early childhood programs. I explored your question around qualifications and salaries as well – from what I gather (, Norwegians teachers on average do not appear to make more than teachers in the US. However taxes and the number of government funded programs also vary significantly between the countries.

      It seems to me that a program like the one in the video profiled could be incredible when replicated or a terrible and dangerous mess… the critical variable being how the teachers have “prepared the environment.” It take a really skilled teacher to create an effective learning environment with so much room for independence! Thanks for visiting BIEHUS!

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