Counting On Inspiration


Much like literacy, which is at its heart is arguably more about comprehension than phonics, mathematics is arguably more about number sense than numeracy (i.e. rote counting)!  Activities such as this Number Jar activity profiled by Playful Learning – a new place I adore which just-so-happens to remind me of BIEHUS – are a wonderful way to help young children develop number sense.

A building block for number sense is one-to-one correspondence.  Simply put, one-to-one correspondence is the ability to count objects accurately.  It is picking up a shiny stone and saying “one”…  And then picking up a second stone and saying “two.”

Notice in the Number Jar activity from Playful Learning how there are dots below the numbers on the number cards which will serve to guide the child’s placement of the counters.  Another wise idea is that she uses see-through glass counters so the children can check their work by making sure that each counter is on a dot.  These little things will make a big difference when it comes to teaching an early learner!

p.s. Mariah Bruehl of Playful Learning notes that her activity was inspired by an activity the book Workjobs by Mary Barrata-Lorton.


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