Learning to Count: Part 1

via biehus.com

Today I thought I would share an example of the photo activity cards that I make for my BIEHUS Parent + Child Education classes with you!  I use these cards to introduce parents & caregivers to each of our weekly activities.  They sit waiting in each tray so that the caregivers know how to correctly model the activities for their children.  Creating these cards is quite time consuming, but it is worth it!

I designed the activity pictured above, which is not-so-cleverly named Counting to Five with Magnetic Numbers – A, to teach an early math skill: Numeral Identity Matching.  In this activity, a child matches number magnets to a printed numbers.  First – this is important! – the child should point to the printed number “1” and say “one” aloud.  She will then select the number “1” magnet from the small basket of magnetic numbers.  Next, she’ll place the number “1” magnet on the printed number “1.”  This sequence continues until she has all five numbers placed on the line.

Sound simple?  If your child is starting to use number words, it is a good idea to check to see if they have this skill!  You may find that your child who is able to “count” can not yet discriminate between numerals (“2” = “2”) or identify printed numbers by their spoken names.  The Playful Learning activity that I shared a few days ago would be introduced only after a child has demonstrated mastery of a handful of prerequisite skills such as this one.

Once she has mastered this skill… stay tuned for Part 2!  (BIEHUS is turning into a mathematics soap opera!)


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