Learning to Count: Part 2

Counting with Magnetic Numbers B

Thanks for waiting!  Here is the next step for those interested in exploring counting with their preschoolers!  The set up of this activity is similiar to yesterday’s but you’ll note that the printed number line has been replaced by a counting dots number line.  The child uses her index finger to point to the green dot in the first square and says “one.”  She then find the number “1” magnet and places it in the square!

For “two” it is much the same but please note: for this activity, children should count the dots in each square from left to right, top to bottom.  In order to create this habit, it is a good idea to model for them correctly – right from the beginning!

Want to make it even more interactive? You may want to make tactile counters available for her to place on the counting dots as she counts.  I use a little box of 15 lima beans but any small objects will do.  She will place them one at a time in the same left to right, top to bottom manner.  Next, she will place the magnetic number below corresponding square on the counting dots number line.  (Common sense warning: If your child is still putting non-food objects in her mouth, monitor her closely!)

She’s ready for a challenge? Test to see if your little one can count objects in her environment!  Bring the basket of magnetic numerals into her room and invite her to count her stuffed animals (provided she has fewer than five visible!)  She’ll enjoy counting the three teddy bears on her bed,  saying “three teddy bears” and then finding the matching magnetic numeral from the basket.

More? Okay… stay tuned for Part 3!


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