Introducing the Seasons

There are many wonderful ways to introduce the seasons to children.  In the coming week I will share some of my favorite children’s books on the notion of winter – our current season – and the idea of a seasonal cycle with you.  Before we walk down that literary road however, I think this time-lapse video which illustrates the seasons as seen from one photographer’s window is pretty terrific.

The changing of the season is funny concept because it is both concrete (i.e. “It snows in the winter.  I wear my swimsuit in the summer.”) and abstract (i.e. There is an ever so slight shift on a daily basis that not only changes the temperature but also the way the landscape appears to us.)

Many children can come to understand it on a concrete level but it can be difficult for them to construct an abstract understanding, since doing so requires both powers of memory & prediction.  This video is a means toward that end.



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