The Year at Maple Hill Farm


There is nothing quite so fun as a getting a new book in the mail!  While I depend on the wonderful Chicago Public Library for most of my books, I add a few of my favorite books to BIEHUS’s permanent collection each season.  Since we are exploring the goings-ons of the farm this spring in preparation for our upcoming field trip, The Year at Maple Hill Farm, written and illustrated by the husband & wife team of Alice and Martin Provensen was a must have!

These Chicago natives walked nearly parallel lives before meeting in 1943.  Mr. Provensen passed away in 1987 at the age of 70.  After his death, Alice wondered whether she would ever author another children’s book.  “You see,” she said, “we were a true collaboration. Martin and I really were one artist.”  Thankfully she found her voice again and continued graced the world of children’s literature .

Just as a tip, in my opinion this lovely book is best explored over time – not read in a single sitting.


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