Reading Faces

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Many children demonstrate curiosity about the feelings of others even when they are very young.  You may have seen your child’s offer a concerned glance to a crying child or offer a hug to someone who has fallen.  One of the first steps to fostering a child’s awareness of the more subtle emotions is to let them in on a secret… it is often possible to determine how someone else is feeling by “reading” their face!

As adults we can support this by modeling and narrating our interactions with others for them.  For example, you might remark “My, your sister looks frustrated!  She is squinting her eyes and crinkling her forehead!” or “Daddy looks excited!  His eyes and smile are so big!”  The activity pictured above is meant only as a supplement to those real life interactions.  It requires a careful eye to match the pictures as well as fine motor skills to open and close the eggs!


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