Clean Slate

Recently, my mornings have been filled with scrubbing, mending & material making in preparation for the opening of the school year.  It is difficult to imagine more satisfying work!  Just as many educators find solace and joy in the preparation of the classroom environment, so to do young children.  Assuming they have received a proper introduction to the task, many children relish the opportunity to wield their own spray bottle & sponge!  Notice the concentration of this young child as he cleans up his own table.  If you would like to replicate this activity at home, note the size of his table, his spray bottle & his sponge.  If you are having difficulty finding child-sized materials you may want to browse Montessori Services’ catalog.  Happy scrubbing!


One thought on “Clean Slate

  1. Ahh, this is a good one. Unfortunately in my house, helping to clean usually involves making a huge mess. I suppose that’s part of the fun too though. 🙂

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