The Sound of Music

We all have our things.  Me?  I could spend a lifetime collecting items for continent bags (like these lovely ones from Counting Coconuts).  Of course I am always open to new inspiration when I am developing curriculum.  Homemade playdough (a great recipe via My Montessori Journey)?  Please!  Clever art project (thanks to the ever-inspiring Crafty Crow)? Always!  Beautiful “new” storybook (I always love Inchmark’s library visits)?  Of course!   Lovely transferring work?  Please!  But, sometimes it can be easy to think of music as something that we listen to in the background or dance to in the car.  Or, movement as something that just happens.  Or only happens at a designated class time.

This week, I have been exploring intentional explorations of music & movement that are appropriate to home life.  The video above showcases a great example.  The clip above shows the mom giving the baby an introduction to making music with pots.  In this next clip he demonstrates his soloing skills – a quick study 🙂  A nice activity for a quiet afternoon!


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