Does Counting Count?

Though many of the children in our Biehus Parent + Child classes are still quite young, some have already begun to show a real interest in numbers!  (Research suggests that babies may even have a early concept of quantity!  Check out this Psychology Today article for a nice introduction.)  Given this new development, I thought we should dedicate some time to reflect on early math explorations.

There are two kinds of counting that sound the same but may look different.  The darling Sesame Street video above showcases what can be described as counting without direct one-to-one correspondence.  Children often learn this skill the way they learn a new song or to recite a poem.  The number words may have meaning for them (as they do for those of us who are expert counters!) or they may not.  Vocal counting is an important skill that often precedes counting with one-to-one correspondence!  More on that to come…


2 thoughts on “Does Counting Count?

    1. It’s true! Leave it to the English language (& a few others!) to make up non-standard words for teen numbers. Why “eleven” instead of “ten one”?

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