It Counts

I recently observed a child putting cylinders into a box.  He put one in and said “One!”  He then put the lid on the box and shook it like a magician would!  He opened the box and peered in.  With big eyes and a tone of surprise he said, “It’s still there!?” …so much for magic!

Undeterred, he put the next cylinder in, said “Two!” and repeated the cycle.  This continued up to 4.  Then, he put the remaining 6 cylinders in all at once saying, “And, more, and more, and more…”  He shook the box.  He opened the box.  And he announced to his invisible audience, “Five!  Five is many fingers!”

In this case we could say he has one-to-one correspondence to four.  In other words, his verbal counting matched his movements up to four.  Looking for ways to bring this home?  The video offers many examples of simple activities that strengthen one to one correspondence!


2 thoughts on “It Counts

    1. Hi Suzie! Welcome to biehus! Happy you found your way here! Please let me know if there are any specific things you would like us to explore more in this space! Greetings to Scarlett 🙂

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