Eating the Alphabet


I had a conversation with a little girl the other day about clementines.  They were available for a food preparation activity and she was enticed by their novelty.  Enticed enough to patiently peel the clementine and to segment the clementine and to cut the segments of clementine and to… well, not enough to eat the clementine!  She said plainly, “I don’t like them” but as it turns out she had never had one!

For many families, mealtime alternates between blissful and dreadful – sometimes even within the same day!  While there are many excellent tools available for supporting picky eaters, an under-utilized resource is children’s literature.  I have seen beautiful illustrations and familiarity with the names of fruits & vegetables act as a sort of advertisement for trying new foods.  Engaging stories + playful preparations + seventeen presentations of the same food = a good chance at novel food acceptance!


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