In preparation for the arrival of our little one, my husband & I have been working together to solidify healthy habits that we hope will survive the dramatic life change we expect in June!  I am resigned to that fact that it would be impossible to be truly prepared (thanks to the honest advice of many who have already traveled this road!)  Even still, a girl can hope…

I came across this book and instantly appreciated that its thesis was also its title – To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First.  Given my line of work, I have had the opportunity to read many parenting books but this one is different from most.  It is less a how-to manual, more a coached reflection on who we were as children and who want to be as parents.  I have found David Code‘s style to be very direct without being judgmental.  Anyone else read it, interested in reading it, or have a favorite resource to share?


One thought on “Priorities?

  1. I haven’t read it, but am interested in reading it now. I remember that Seal (yes, the famous Seal that was married to Heidi Klum) used to mention this as their mantra for making it work. Now I’m second guessing it… lol

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