The Three Period Lesson

This is an informative introduction to the Three Period Lesson which is commonly used to introduce new vocabulary to young children in Montessori settings.  It is simple enough – in fact without any familiarity with this “method” parents probably already use it some of the time!

Let me call attention to a few things you will notice while watching the short video.  The instructor teaches the names of only three items at a time.  In the first period, she simply names the items (i.e. She says, “This is a banana” – not, “Look at this banana!  It is long and yellow.  Curious George eats bananas.”)  In the second period, she gives the child the chance to demonstrate receptive identification of items.  During this period she could say, “Point to the banana” or “Give me the banana, please” or “Touch the banana.”  In the third period, she gives the child the chance to vocally identify each of the items.

A few at-home tips: When using this at home, be sure to mix up the position of the items that you are teaching.  Don’t feel confined to giving this lesson in the formal manner that she does.  You could do this lesson at lunch time or in the middle of play together.   Happy vocabulary building!


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