“Terrible Freedom from Expectations”

via nytimes.com
via nytimes.com

I came across this heartbreakingly beautiful article written by a mom, who happens to be an author & professor of creative writing, named Emily Rapp.  In it, she reflects on her life as a mom to her son Ronan.  I just ache for her and the many other parents like her whose stories I do not know.  It seems unfair to get to learn from her family’s suffering – as a distant reader, far away from her shoes.  But, learn we will.  And, share we will.  And, support we will.


2 thoughts on ““Terrible Freedom from Expectations”

  1. I think my heart just broke into a thousand more pieces…which opens the gateways for love and compassion a thousand-fold. Thank you for sharing, although so tough to read. Blessings to that sweet family.

  2. Catching up here at Biehus and what a post. That article is so beautifully written and offers such truth for all parents, despite how difficult it may be to read…”loving my child today…..that is all there is.” What a reminder. Thank you for sharing.

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