Guiding Your Strong Willed Child, Week 2

In addition to the presentation above, our time together this week was full of great questions and reflections which I am sorry I am not able to include here – you’ll just have to trust me!  One take-away was that carving five minutes out of each day for uninterrupted play with our children is often harder than it sounds but it is an investment worth the effort.

This week during the Daily Five, in addition to Naming the Good, families will try out using Sure Y!  First X, Then Y!  Although this technique can eventually be used during real life situations, we want to introduce it in the context of play.  I love to practice new skills – for both kids and parents – in the context of play.  Parents, keep using it in the context of play until the technique feels comfortable and natural to you AND your child has developed a positive history of responding to it.  When you are ready to put it to work, make sure you still keep the X (the demand) short & specific!

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