March’s Table

March's Table

The month of March always ushers in hope after a long winter.  Winter will end, snow will melt, spring will come again (even if we only gets hints of it this month!)  Our poem this month is Clouds by Christina Rossetti.  Our work of art is Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.  Our habit of character is Joy – “I will rejoice and be glad.  And, breathe and hug when I feel mad.”  This month we also have two new additions to our table!  The first is a tiny little March keepsake (part of my on-going shrinky dink obsession) and the second is a 30-sec timer.  More about the timer below if you are interested…

We have begun to teach the distinction between “time out” (which is given by us the parents for line crossing and consists of sitting in a chair for 2 minutes – timer out of her reach) and quiet time (which is time that she can request and we can suggest when she is starting to have trouble but has not crossed the line for a duration of her choosing in the place of her choosing – timer in her control).  She likes the timer we use for time out and we didn’t want to make “time out” more special than “quiet time” so it has its own timer!  We do not use time out with the expectation that it will change future behavior but we do use to prevent a downward spiral in the moment.  Quiet time often prevents line crossing all together which is pretty terrific!


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