Guiding Your Strong Willed Child, Week 5

Well, amazing workshop families, you are starting to weave together the different concepts you have been practicing over the past five weeks – congratulations!  This is hard work but you can do hard things!  Over time you will have woven a beautiful & strong cloth that reflects your unique values and enhances your ability to parent as you wish.  We cover a lot of content in six weeks.  The goal is not “total transformation” in that amount of time but rather a series of 1 degree shifts that help take you closer to your vision for your family.  As always, your questions and reflections are welcome and may I recommend that you subscribe to receiving on-going content from our blog by clicking the “Join Biehus” button on your right.

ps Don’t miss the swapportunity video below!  The acting is a big improvement over mine 🙂


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