What is a swapportunity you ask?  It is when you help a child use a NEW appropriate behavior instead of an OLD challenging behavior.  It takes some planning ahead because you want to teach the child to use the new behavior BEFORE challenging behavior occurs – sometimes this means that you write yourself a note in the middle of a meltdown to practice the NEW appropriate behavior the next day during a HAPPY time!  We want to teach by teaching, not by correcting in the moment.  And remember, when you decide to swap, make sure that the NEW behavior works better than the OLD one!  Good luck swapping and let me know if you have questions!

A swapportunity sounds like… 
Child: [Preparing to go downstairs for breakfast.  Yesterday he wanted almond milk but cried instead of asking so you couldn’t give him any.  This morning he has just woken up and hasn’t even thought about almond milk yet!]
Parent: “Do you think you will want almond milk today at breakfast?”
Child: “Yes!”
Parent: “Super!  Do you remember what way of asking works in our house?”
Child: “I want almond milk!”
Parent:  “Almost let’s think…  Maybe it starts with “May…”
Child:  “Oh yeah!  May I have almond milk, please?”
Parent:  “Perfect!  You sound like you are ready to try to ask when we get downstairs for breakfast!  I’ll bet the NEW way will work!”

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