Adventures Away – Packing for the Flight

Big RockWe had the great pleasure of traveling this month to spend a couple weeks with our family in California.  Although traveling with a two-year-old and a ten-month-old requires a bit more preparation than traveling in our pre-children days we are committed to making it happen since it is a core value in our family.

After a variety of overnight, overseas, overstuffed bag adventures we have accumulated a list of 14 of our favorite, flight-tested things to bring on airplanes (in addition to the regular diaper bag supplies): an ergo carrier, twice as many snacks as you think you need, gallon ziplock bags, two changes of clothing for each child, just for travel books (two of her current favs are Airport by Byron Barton & Vacation by Francesca Allen), wiki sticks, a pencil, post-it notes, stickers, 3 no-roll triangle crayons, gel gems, headphones, ipad & baby chew toys.  We like to begin with a mandatory quiet play/rest time (about 1 hour) at the start of the flight, ipad shows in the middle (we have Letter Factory, Numberland & Whistlefritz Spanish, the Poetry Show for Kids & Edison’s Day on ours in case you are curious), and then we do little projects (like flight attendant “Thank Yous”) at the end – with snacks sprinkled throughout!  What are your favorite carry-on items & traveling tips?


One thought on “Adventures Away – Packing for the Flight

  1. These are great ideas!! I like to bring an ample supply of scotch tape and paper. Origami books and oragami paper for older children. Also love to bring things they have never seen before-odds and ends from the dollar store to work on. I love using trader Joe’s sugar free vanilla mints as motivation to get through each, next transition and then they aren’t hopped up on sugar!

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