September’s Art Exploration

We like to learn about one artist’s work a month at our home!  This simple rotation helps remind me to introduce a fresh piece of art to the children’s table on a regular basis and we all have fun learning about the artist together.  Our twelve months of art were selected from the Art Institute of Chicago’s collections since we live nearby.  I am not even a slightly well informed student of art so I just picked what I love and thought our children might enjoy too.  I did try to select different styles and subjects to keep our study lively!  I also recommend selecting all 12 works (& perhaps picking up the accompanying art postcards at the local museum store) at once since it is much easier than having to find new motivation each month. September’s work is “Little-Lie-a-Bed’s Sad Breakfast” by the Swedish artist Carl Larsson.  


2 thoughts on “September’s Art Exploration

    1. hi Em! If you think you would enjoy the process, you can start as early as you’d like! I would not expect a pre-vocal baby to formally interact with a painting but it could just be a beautiful little thing simply taped to the wall in his playspace or by his diaper changing place. As he gets older, and starts to interact with illustrations in books, you could use it as a jumping off place for conversation (“I notice she is drinking tea for breakfast just like I do!”) or exploration (“Wow, what do you notice about those leaves? …yes, they are red, just like the leaves outside our door! …sure! Let’s go collect some!”). I like to think of it as inspiration for me rather than traditional art education for the children. I could use your help with that 🙂

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