An alternative to scissors

After a magical first day at school, Geneva wanted to make a gift for her new teachers and decided on a necklace for one of them. (We walked out the school gate after her first day and she said, “I miss my teachers!”) 

A practical life work found in many Montessori classrooms is “pin poking.”  Given that it requires a sharp tool you want to make sure that the child is developmentally ready, has the right supplies (we use the giant push pins or a wooden pin poker designed by Montessori services. I do not recommend using anything smaller), has received a thoughtful presentation of the work and is closely supervised.  Once all of those boxes are checked, it is a really lovely little fine motor exercise.  In this case it was a great way for her to “cut” out a small shape from firm paper to serve as the pendant for a necklace.  


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