5 Parenting Practices for a Peaceful Home, Week 2

It was a pleasure to share an evening of rich conversation with an awesome group of workshop families last night!  This week you are going to be using identity-building language to highlight moments when your child is specifically demonstrating one of your family’s values!

You are also going to be using your Mini HAT this week to select one thing that your child LOVES (as in, “May I have it now?  How about now?  How about now?) and you are going to build a house for it.  You are going to put that LOVED thing in a Moment Frame (think: Sure! First, Then) or a Daily Frame (think: Sure!  We always do that at ___ time of day) or a Weekly Frame (think: Sure!  We always do that on ___days!)  It may not be popular to start but when you build a strong frame for your “waffle” everyone will eventually breathe a sigh of relief because it will become favorite part of a predictable routine.

And remember, Tape is Your Friend!  (in other words write your plan down & post it up!)


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